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Alex Leca

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Bucharest, Romania
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Full Name : Alexandru Ionut Leca
Mobile : +(4)0722.708.842
E-mail :
Location : Bucharest, Romania
Birth Date 27 Apr 1979
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Hi! I am Alex: software, algorithms and tech enthusiast. Since my early youth I understood that software can automate a lot of things for me, save plenty of my time and I did learn how to code simple apps, in order to help my work or even play.

The information with numbers is the right kind of raw knowledge we need, to simply navigate through life with purpose. My folks did choose a sports career for me and, as a youngster I worked and traveled a lot. I’m a former swimming, triathlon and modern pentathlon champion. Not because I was gifted… or because I worked hard… But because I extracted all the info from hundreds of competitions I did participate… I filtered the data I collected and applied self-made algorithms, in order to extract the strengths and weaknesses of my fellow competitors… thousands of them. And I knew when to push, when to slow, when to stop… how to win.

We use to admire and envy the top of our society… Some of them were born there, but most of them pushed themselves to the top, because like I said… they had better information to guide their life choices.

I will try to provide you the information you need, in some areas where I have the right expertise and to solve some problems using data parsing along with specifically tailored artificial intelligence algorithms.

Designation :

Software Automation Project Manager


  • Economic Informatics
  • OOP
  • DBS
  • Cyber Security
  • AI/ML Algorithms
  • Software Development Management
  • ERP / CRM Platform Development
  • Computer Graphics
  • Mobile Software Development for Android & IOS
  • Source Code Optimization

Graduation Average: 9.60

  • Managing People
  • Managing Finance
  • Customer Relations and Marketing
  • Integrated Company Strategy
  • Managing Change
  • Management Initiative
  • Managing Risks
  • Contingency Plans WBS

Brief education level description: SCQF LEVEL 11; QAA LEVEL 7. EQF level 7

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Flutter/Dart
  • Cisco

Professional Career

Industrial Electrical Installations and Automation

  • Finding Key Accounts and Operational Project Management (Latest finished projects - Industrial Internet and Power Automation for: Amazon, Microsoft, Veolia, Lincoln Electric, CRF Health, Vodafone, Finastra, Allianz.)
  • Process automation through CRM
  • Industrial Software Sevelopment both HMI and PLC through SCADA procedures.
  • IOT Software Dev using Dart OOP
  • Mobile Software Dev using Dart OOP and Flutter Cross Development Frameworks
  • Custom CRM development and implementation along with training of the following teams: Sales, Marketing, Quotation, On- Site Deployment
  • Continuously expanding our key account network based on a set of goal-oriented algorithms I developed myself
  • Developing and optimizing the communication pipelines between clients - sales team - quotation team
  • Gathering feedback from various hierarchy levels of key accounts we work for
  • Developing client loyalty architecture through: fast response, clear & complete information, price and quality of work
  • Recruitment of personnel for: sales, quotation, marketing, electrical engineers and electricians.
  • Project Management App Development perfectly tailored for all my team and the nature of the project. I used to do it in PHP/ Mysql for core and back-end and HTML5/CSS3 for front-end design. I switched to Android / Java / JVM in order to easily integrate our communication with other APIs we find in our business chain. And from 2018 I use Google Dart & Flutter as the latest addition to my skill set and also hobby.
  • Online marketing strategy development
  • Digital Marketing Development - design (Adobe Illustrator), photo (Adobe Photoshop), video promo (Adobe Premiere Pro CC & Adobe After Effects)
  • Web portals development
  • IT security (network, application, DBS)
  • Implementation of data structures and UML in Project Management
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of operational and web DBS
  • Application integration, design, development/acquisition and deployment

Web, Android, IOS Software Development

  • Planning Software Development
  • Acquiring strategic objectives for key accounts
  • Providing the best budgeting schema and schedule for our clients
  • Supervising the complete software development cycle over Agile (SCRUM) methodology.
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